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Your guide to every away game

Are you wanting to find out more about football grounds? Are you tired of hunting on the internet and not finding the information you are looking for?

Perfect! You have come to the right place. Around The Grounds showcases fact files on football grounds that I have been to in the UK and around Europe. Including most of the 92 clubs in the football league and various Grounds in Spain, Italy, Denmark and Germany.

Having travelled around the country with my beloved Southampton FC, I know what it is like to arrive in the middle of nowhere without any ideas of what to do or where to get the best pint. However, win or lose I wouldn't change it for the world!

Click the region you are interested in on the interactive map for easy navigation, or visit the Grounds Hub to see the various categories.

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Around The Grounds was established in 2017. The photographs used on this site are © Copyright Dan Colmer, the founder of Around The Grounds, or are © of their respective owners. The views expressed and the information shown on this site is for personal purposes and to help other football fans.

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As an avid fan, I appreciate that the world of football grounds changes every minute (pubs close, stand names change etc). Therefore, if you have any suggestions or updates, please do get in contact as I would love to hear from you. If you have found Around The Grounds useful, why not buy me a pint for my next away game? 

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