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  • Capacity: 90,000

  • Record Attendance: 89,874 (Cardiff City vs Portsmouth, 17 May 2008)

  • Address: London HA9 0WS

  • Year Ground Opened: 9 March 2007

  • Construction Cost: £789 million (£1.09 billion today)

  • Pitch Size: 115 x 74 yards

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Wembley Stadium is a football stadium in Wembley, London, England, which opened in 2007, on the site of the original Wembley Stadium, which was demolished from 2002–2003. The stadium hosts major football matches including home matches of the England national football team, and the FA Cup Final.

Wembley Stadium is owned by the governing body of English football, the Football Association (the FA), through its subsidiary Wembley National Stadium Ltd (WNSL). The FA headquarters are in the stadium. With 90,000 seats, it is the largest stadium in the UK and the second-largest stadium in Europe.

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Wembley's 90,000 capacity makes it the second largest stadium in Europe (after Camp Nou) and the largest and tallest for size, in the world, with every seat under cover. It is one of the most expensive stadia ever built, costing close to £800 million.

The land has been used for football since as early as the 1880s. The previous Wembley Stadium (originally known as the Empire Stadium) was one of the world's most famous football grounds, being England's national home for football, and, because of the geographical origins of the game, was often referred to as "The Home of Football".

Though the original structure was closed in 2000, it was not demolished until 2003, after which construction began on the new stadium, originally intended to open in 2006. This was later delayed until early 2007. The completion date of the stadium was 9 March 2007.

Visiting supporters are advised that there are no bad seats in the entire stadium. The middle tier is at the best level but as such it’s also the most expensive and therefore, most of these are sold to corporates.

The back of the lower tier and front of the upper tier are considered the best places to be as you'll more than likely be in amongst the 'real' supporters and the view is still superb.

Wembley Stadium has been labelled as a 'public transport' destination, meaning that there is limited parking available at the stadium itself and there is also a resident only parking scheme in operation in the local area. The pricing and availability of stadium parking varies per event. 

If coming from a distance, a lot of fans tend to park at one of the stations on the outskirts of north London and get the tube down.

Near to the stadium is the London Designer Outlet which has several eating places such as TGI Fridays, Frankie & Benny’s and Nando’s, which also serve alcohol.

The designated pub for away supporters is the Green Man, which is located on Dagmar Avenue on Wembley Hill. A good idea is to plan to drink in Central London before the game or at a pub located near to one of the tube stations such as Harrow-on-the-Hill.

I have been to Wembley 3 times as a Southampton fan. Below are a list of the results:

  • Saturday 16th December 2017 (Chelsea in FA Cup Semi), lost 1-0
  • Tuesday 26th December 2017 (Tottenham Away), lost 5-2
  • Sunday 26th February 2017 (EFL Cup final), lost 3-2
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